Bigen Ammonia Free Beard Dye for Men Dark Brown 40g+40g B103

Bigen Ammonia Free Beard Dye for Men Dark Brown 40g+40g B103

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  • Dark brown 40g+40g B103


  • A quick application men’s hair dye that is free from the annoying smell of the dye.
  • Fortified with taurine to give the hair a rich and long-lasting color.
  • Comes with a saving package that allows you to keep the dye for next use.
  • Easy to apply to any part of the hair using a small comb.
  • Colors that match your beard.


QUICK APPLICATION Simply comb through hair using the dye applicator comb designed specifically for men’s hair to perfectly cover gray hair in just 5 minutes. This is thanks to the non-drip cream that is gentle on the hair and easy to apply, even on sideburns and curls. It features a unique, healthy-looking formula with moisturizing agents (olive oil, glycine and pullulan) that give natural colour, shine and hydration to each hair strand and penetrate deeply into it. Ideal for a natural, healthy result that lasts longer. Economical and practical use, you can use the necessary amount of cream to cover part of gray hair or short hair. Reserve the remaining amount for future use/

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