Faces Canada Pink Aloe Vera Fresh Eyes Serum 15ml

Faces Canada Pink Aloe Vera Fresh Eyes Serum 15ml

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An ultra-hydrating eye serum that is enriched with Witch Hazel, Squalene and Quinoa, is finally here! FACESCANADA Pink Aloe Vera Fresh Eyes Serum battles early signs of ageing and puffiness. The Korean Skincare secret is finally out - Pink Aloe Vera: The new hydration expert.

Infused with Witch Hazel, the serum is rich in antioxidants and helps combat puffy eyes. Squalene, a powerful detoxifier helps make the skin look younger and clearer so that you can flaunt that flawless glow with pride! Quinoa is known to brighten the skin's complexion and make the skin softer and tighter. Say goodbye to wrinkled and tired eyes with these powerful ingredients at your service. The super nourishing eye serum with Pink Aloe Vera reduces puffiness under your eye for youthful, hydrated skin. Let your under eyes drink up all that precious moisture and look fresh and young.

Youthful skin under the eyes is a compulsion for a younger-looking face. And with FACESCANADA Pink Aloe Vera Fresh Eyes Serum, it isn't a dream anymore. Pink Aloe Vera is a gift of nature that brings immense soothing nourishment to the skin along with keeping the skin hydrated.
The clean Cruelty-free and Vegan Serum will give you happy eyes, we promise!

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