Glam UV/LED Gel Polish Flash FG04 15ml

Glam UV/LED Gel Polish Flash FG04 15ml

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Glam Flash Gel Polishes are Reflective Flash Glitter Gel Polishes. These gel polishes have a slightly thicker gel texture and crushed diamond and fine sequin glitter. Turn on your phone’s flash to take a picture and you will be able to notice the stunning sparkling shine that the nail will exhibit in a dark setting due to light refraction. You’ll have a very unexpected encounter as a result. With the help of a magnet wand, you can easily and quickly make attractive designs. It is smudge-proof, and lasts 3-4 weeks. To treat it, you’ll need a UV lamp for 120 seconds to cure and LED lamp for 60 seconds to cure. The Flash Gel Polish comes in a 15 ml bottle. It is appropriate for salon professionals and nail lovers.

Glam Flash Gel Polishes are excellent to apply on nails as they give stunning & super fashionable look. These polishes are commonly known as Flash Glitter Gel Polish, UV Gel Polish, Gel Nail Polish, Gel Polish Kit, Gel Nail Polish, Long lasting gel nail polish, UV Gel Nail Polish, Professional UV Gel Polish, Glam Flash Gel, Reflective Gel, Dark Gel, Glow In Dark Gel, Glam Flash Gel Shades etc.

Benefits of GLAM Gel Polish Nails –

  1. These gel polishes provide the nails an amazing high gloss and mirror shine finish.
  2. It has a lengthy lifespan. It has a high viscosity, which facilitates application.
  3. It will not chip, dull, or fade over time.
  4. There are no dangerous chemicals in this gel polish, and the formula is cruelty-free.

How to use-

  1. Remove your cuticles using Glam Cuticle Remover.
  2. Using the Glam Cuticle Pusher, gently push back the cuticles.
  3. Clean the debris from the nail plate with Glam Lint free wipes.
  4. Use the Glam Duster to clean the nails.
  5. Apply Primer and Dehydrator.
  6. Then, apply a Glam Base Coat.
  7. Apply the first layer of gel polish and cure it with a UV/LED lamp.
  8. Apply a second coat of gel polish and cure it once more.
  9. Finally, to add extra shine and brilliance to your nails, use Glam Top Coat and cure it under a UV/LED lamp.
  10. For a perfect finish, clean the fingernails with Glam Gel Cleanser.

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